Impact of Social Media on Youth

Social Media and the youth are almost inseparable. The impact of social media on the youth of today has been massive. Being able to communicate instantly with anyone from any part of the world is something which is unbelievable. Being an active member of the social media, myself, I hardly ever get bored because there is always something you could do. No matter what time of the day it is, there is always going to be someone, with whom you can communicate with, exchange ideas and opinions with. Not only does it kill time, but I personally think that you also get a lot to learn from the views of other people.

Social Media has also become a huge platform for the youth to present their talents to the rest of the world. Whether you are a musician, a painter, a writer, a photographer or even a makeup artist, you can impress thousands of people by just loading up a photo of your work or by sharing links to your latest music recordings or blog posts. There is a huge list of what social media can help you achieve and accomplish.

Social Media and YouthThe impact of Social media on youth has no doubt, been tremendous, but in my opinion there is a bit of a downside to this phenomenon, as well. The interaction done by the youth on Social Media is slowly and gradually taking the place of real interactions. I have noticed that these days people, especially the younger lot, prefer to virtually connect with someone, rather than making an effort to go outside and meet new people. And I think that the main reason for this is that when you are talking with someone online, you can pretend to be anyone. While you may be really shy, but virtually you may as well be the confident, laidback leader of a group. People find it easier to express themselves virtually than in reality. Reasons for this could be several, the one which comes immediately to my mind is that even if somebody does not agree with your opinion, virtually, you can simply block that person and never face him again. However, in reality it does not work this way. If somebody intimidates you, you have to confront them face to face—a situation which most of us would like to avoid.