Alternatives to Organic Traffic to Improve Website Traffic

Alternative to Organic TrafficWe all know that Google and other search engines are changing their search algorithms quite frequently and it’s getting very tough to get organic traffic these days. Currently most of the people rely on SEO to get free and organic traffic and put their maximum time and efforts to get best out of it. Things are changing; we have seen a lot of changes in the way how search engines react. Cracking search algo and getting top keyword rankings is not easy nut to crack anymore and nobody knows the future. Maybe we will have more restrictions so in return we will be in a fix if we are totally depending on organic traffic. So it’s important to think for some alternatives to organic traffic and plan your digital activities accordingly. There are many alternatives in market, few are paid and few are free.

Here are Top 3 Alternatives to Organic Traffic:

  • PPC
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media

PPC traffic is a feasible alternative to organic search engine traffic but this is paid. Major difference between PPC and SEO is that you pay for PPC and whereas SEO is totally free (definitely it requires time and efforts but less money). There are some great benefits which you get with PPC. You can start and stop your campaign anytime, you have better control on your campaign as you can track real time reporting, consumer targeting is much organized, Instant traffic etc. You will not get these benefits in some other mediums.

Second good option is Email Marketing. If you are getting decent amount of traffic to your website so far, you should have built a solid list of your visitors/subscribers/customers/leads etc. This is a Golden list for you as they are the people who have shown interest in your site/business/offerings. Make a Proper plan and engage them with pre-planned activities. Send them weekly mailer with latest news/offer/launch etc. Since they already know you so engagement ratio will be way high than any other medium. If you don’t have huge list of subscribers then you can tie up with some publisher and they can send a sponsored emailer on your behalf. Obviously there will be a cost involved in this but then you have better chances to convert those visitors into your subscribers. Majorly there are 2 models are there for this kind of marketing – Pay per delivered email and pay per open email. You can talk to publishers and choose what is best for you.

Third alternative is Social Media – This is latest digital medium and all companies are after this. Mainly B2C companies are taking this very seriously. In today’s scenario, Social media has become major platform for consumers to discuss the products/brands/services etc with likeminded people. Social media is not a Sales channel so you can’t expect over night magic from this medium. It requires good amount of time and patient as you first need to build a targeted social community (facebook, twitter, google plus etc etc) on your social properties and then you need to engage them and slowly you will feel the momentum there.

Don’t put your all eggs in single basket, prepare a plan and put same amount of time and efforts into diverse marketing practices like SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Social Media etc. If one of your activities gets fail, you have other things for recovery.   You should always be ready with your Plan “B”.

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